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Silver Lining™ Pre & Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes

Improves digestion
Dramatically increases immune function
Aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals
Assists in the elimination of toxins
Limits intestinal upsets, diarrhea and constipation (IBS)
Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

Contains 50 billion active cells
Shelf stable (no refrigeration necessary)
No artifi cial colours, fl avours or preservatives
No sugar, salt, starch or gluten
We adhere to our high standards of quality control. You can be sure that every bottle of Silver Lining™ has been thoroughly inspected.
Silver Lining™ is for everyone.

The ones trying to get back on track – and their support system.
The aspiring health advocates – and the seekers of balance.
The recovering patients – and their caretakers.
The ones in their golden years – and the ones turning a new leaf after years of neglect.
120 caps

Before long, I believe nootropics will be as widely accepted in our society as caffeine. They are the most elegant solution to helping the body improve memory and cognitive performance. Alpha BRAIN, with its impeccable safety profile, a core of Earth Grown ingredients, and significant clinical results is poised to lead the way.

Aubrey Marcus, Founder/CEO

When I sit down to write programs for my athletes, you better believe I’m taking Alpha BRAIN beforehand.

Joe DeFranco Founder, DeFranco's Gym

It seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM level… I feel like it helps me form sentences better.

Joe Rogan Comedian, TV Show Host

Focus, memory, processing speed: Nobody is going to take 10 or 12 supplements. They are going to want a product that has everything all wrapped into one… I know of no other product that can do what Alpha BRAIN does.

Dr. Martin Lazar Neurosurgeon