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Much research on the health benefits of organic acids is generally considered public domain and thus applicable to any and all products, the great majority of which are not supported by unique studies.

LeafSource on the other hand, is backed by two international patents and scientifically validated through over 10 years of university and clinical research at the following five institutions: Mercer University School of Pharmacy, Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin, North Carolina University, Virginia Scientific Research Inc.

Scientific analyses have confirmed that LeafSource is derived from fresh water origin and is very low in sodium and clays. With over 70% of its content coming from humic acid, LeafSource is the most powerful humic acid formula available today, period! Most humic/fulvic acid supplements contain relatively small amounts of these organic acids. Aside from this, these formulas are derived from relatively “young” sources (thousands as opposed to millions of years).
LeafSource is derived from a geological formation that is over 100 million years old. Thus the organic elements in LeafSource are in a fossilized form and as such are readily available for use by the digestive system, namely probiotics found in the digestive tract.

Other formulas have not gone through sufficient stages of decomposition, and therefore may not be broken down effectively in the body and as such a portion will simply be wasted and passed through the digestive tract.

Simply Outstanding Experience!
A friend of mine begged me to try LeafSourceTM last year and I most skeptically did. All I can say is WOW! Not only did LeafSourceTM greatly reduce my pain and discomfort, but it gave me a newfound energy as well. My only regret is I waited almost 10 years to find this amazing product!

Laurel Keating

Works Wonderfully!! Love it!
LeafSourceTM has relieved my Rheu- matoid Arthritis and inflammation pain. Anybody that has RA knows what it’s like living with it every day. Flare ups come on at any time of the day and night. The inflammation hurts so badly! But thanks to LeafSourceTM, I now have less flare ups, meaning less pain caused by inflammation. I highly recommend this wonderful product to everyone!

Jackie F.